• We need new jobs for our kids - For much too long, growth of jobs in Kittitas County has been stalled. We need to take action to protect the jobs we have and to grow new jobs. This has not been happening, and we need to change it.
  • Agriculture - As a member of a 3rd-generation farming family, I understand agriculture and the challenges facing farmers. Farming is the mainstay of our economy and community. Our success depends on the success of agriculture.
  • Startup experience, experience in capitalism - I took my experience as a faculty member at CWU and turned it into two successful startup companies. New companies in new markets can bring new jobs to Kittitas County, but we have to know how to attract and keep them.
  • We're in the 21st Century - We need to move away from our old boom-and-bust approach to our county economy.

About Me

Senior Technical Advisor
Founder of the Cascadia Carbon Institute
Renewable energy and bio-product consulting
Projects in the US, Mexico, Germany, Israel
Cooperative projects with WSU, including the Organic Farming Carbon Footprint Project

Startup Entrepreneur
Co-founded Central Washington Biodiesel
Direct experience with new business and economic development programs

Community Leader
Chair, Kittitas County Democratic Party
Member, Team for a Common Vision (Ellensburg Middle School)
Co-organizer, Bipartisan ad hoc Committee on Ellensburg Middle School

Farmer & Educator
Verhey's Peaches, a 3rd-generation family farm
Former CWU faculty member

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