In Which I Challenge Alex Ybarra to a Climate Debate

The 13th Legislative district is ground zero for climate change. From Kittitas County, with the headwaters of the Yakima River, fire-prone forests, and development pressure from climate refugees, to Grant County, the #1 agricultural county in the state, to Lincoln County, with its dryland wheat farms, I can’t think of another area that will experience a more complicated set of effects, and that has more potential to help reduce global heating by capturing carbon. In fact, we have a significant opportunity for economic growth, if we play our cards right.

That’s why I am challenging my opponent to a climate debate. It doesn’t have to be a real debate, it can be a series of climate questions and our answers and discussion, but it needs to focus on climate because it is so important. This is an opportunity for us both to learn about it and help educate the public.

Whichever of us is elected will need to know about climate change in detail in order to both help us avoid as many of the problems as possible and gain as many of the opportunities as possible.

My email address is . Once I hear from Mr. Ybarra, we can start planning the event together.

Donate to my campaign at ActBlue!

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